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Welcome to Petals

Petals is a behind the scenes look into the floral and wedding industry where our Bud's & Blooms designers share their insights to help you define your perfect moments. We love the challenge of meeting our client's design expectations and Petals is part of that challenge! Our goal is to keep our clients informed on our current projects and processes while letting our readers get to know us on a personal level.

Photo: Julie Row Photography

Throughout the years we have designed for quiet weddings of 10 people to weddings of 500 people. We have travelled to the Okanagan and Washington State for events and designed for everything from a simple court house wedding to an extensive fundraising event. Petals will take you through the design process for such occasions and much more!

We're excited to share with you so stay tuned to Petals and go through the steps of creating our floral designs for events with us, learn tips we've discovered over our years of experience, and most importantly get to know us and our work!

While we are writing our next post check out our portfolio or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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