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A Modern Twist on the Corsage

As floral designers we quite often get some very unique and challenging requests. This is the aspect of the wedding industry that excites us the most. No creation is ever the same and we learn something new every client we design for. We were recently challenged by a client to produce a corsage for a wedding shower that was modern and elegant while not requiring a pin to be secured in place. This was an exciting request that pushed our designers to challenge the traditions of wedding floral norms.

Traditionally wedding corsages or boutonnieres are pinned to the lapels or dress of the wearer. (Pictured above.) For men this is not usually an issue as the lapels of their suits are usually made of robust fabrics. However, for women who often wear more delicate fabrics the pins can leave noticeable holes or tears in the wearer's clothing; this is not an enjoyable experience for most. In recent years there have been improvements in corsage design, such as magnets, to make the pin holes obsolete. But, such designs can be unreliable and come off the wearer easily.

Then there are the traditional wrist corsages that we all remember from our graduation night. These met most of our client's criteria but lacked the modern aspect. So we decided to try something that is unique to the Vancouver Wedding scene and is modern, elegant and durable; the Corsage Bracelet.

As per our client's request we designed one larger corsage of blush and green for the bride. We chose sturdy flowers to make sure the bracelet lasted the day long summer event which would take it's participants to multiple locations. As the bride's future wedding bouquets were to contain blush roses, succulents and hops we decided to stick to the theme. Our client also requested multiple smaller corsages to identify the ladies of the wedding party.

For the wedding party we decided on a smaller bracelet using hops and blush stock. Not only were the bracelets fragrant because of the stock and hops but they turned out to be incredibly resilient. Our client reported back to us that "... the bracelets stood up to our antics and the heat..." as well as being "... a real hit with the girls and drew a lot of admirers".

Suffice to say we are ecstatic with the out come of our design! The versatility of these bracelets is an exciting opportunity for our clients. They are great for wedding showers, the wedding party or family on a wedding day, birthday parties and so many more occasions. Expect to see more popping up on our social media feeds as we have already received quite a bit of interest!

Check out our portfolio for more Corsage Bracelets or contact us to start your own design.

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