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How to Effortlessly Re-purpose Your Bouquets for Your Reception

One of our client's utilizing her bouquets the head table.

You've spent hours pinning your favorite inspiration for your bridal party's bouquets. Then you meticulously worked with your floral designer to create inspired floral designs for you and you girls, but what is a bride to do with these elegant creations after you say "I do"? Typically when a client is preparing to order their wedding flowers they will spend the most time and money on their bridal party's bouquets. So to help cost effectively add to your decor and utilize these stunning bouquets we've decided to list five effortless ideas we share with our clients on how to re-purposed bridesmaid bouquets at their reception.

Adorn The Head Table

This is where the majority of our clients use their bouquets after the ceremony and the photos are over. Why spend more money on arrangements when your bouquets are already perfectly designed? Traditionally brides would purchase glass vases and place the bouquets in the vase on the head table, but with current trends, hand tied bouquets are beautiful from stem to bloom. Place your bouquets flat on the table or use other decor accents such as wood slivers or crates to elevate your flowers, then surround them with votive candles to elegantly incorporate centerpieces into your head table's decor. You can even style them on an angle from your guests to display the beautiful collar and stems of the bouquet to add a more rustic touch as one of our brides did.

Incorporate More Blooms Into Your Table Runner Table runners are an elegant and cost effective way to add texture to the decor of your reception. Keep it simple by using mostly greenery such as eucalyptus or ruscus and a few form flowers similar to the ones in your guest table's centerpieces. Then to add extra blooms incorporate your bouquets into the table runner. Once you arrive at the reception place your bouquet facing towards your guests, flat at the center of the table, then weave some greens from the runner over and around the stems of the bouquet. Then have your girls place their bouquets on either side of your bouquet at even intervals along the table and again weave the runner greenery through the stems. Now the bouquets are seamlessly incorporated into the runner creating an effortless textural look.

Bloom Up Your Bar

You've tied the knot and while you and your now life partner are off having your photos taken your guests are heading to the bar. Add a little romance to the scene by re-purposing one of your bridesmaid's bouquets to accent your garland hanging against the bar.

For the garland have your florist supply ribbon similar to the collar around the stems of the bouquet. But first, make sure the garland is properly secured to the bar in-order to support the weight of the bouquet. We suggest adhesive hooks this way there won't be any marks left on the venue's bar. (The hooks are available at any hardware store.) Secure two hooks at either end of the garland and one hook in the center of the garland at the peak or bottom of the loop. Wrap the garland over the hook then incorporate the bouquet at the center of the garland by tilting the head of the bouquet up and working the stems through the greenery of the garland. Make sure to work the greenery of the garland as close to the base of the flowers of the bouquet as possible. Then tie the ribbon around some stalks of the flowers, the hook, and the garland to make sure the bouquet is secure. Finally, cut off any stems sticking out below the garland.

Make Your Cake and Cake Table Stand Out

If you have other plans for your head table there is always cake or dessert table to be enhanced. You can easily utilize a bouquet or two here. But here is a little food for thought. While it is very popular to simply buy a vase and pop it on the table along with the cake, today's on trend cakes call for something a little more stylish. Whether it's a naked cake or a masterpiece adorned in fondant the cake should always take the center stage; we always suggest to our clients that flowers should be the accent with this particular decor aspect of their reception. To accent your cake and not over shadow it take two or more bouquets and cut the stems down, then place them in a semi-circle or circle round the base of the cake stand. You can even unwrap the bouquets and place the the flowers in layers around the edge of the cake table or the base of the cake stand.

Accent Your Gift Or Favor Tables Ask your floral stylist to supply or purchase vases that are similar in color and shape to those you have selected for your guest table centerpieces. Place the matching vessels with enough water to cover the base of the bouquet's stems on the gift table when setting up for the reception. Be sure to work the vessels into the decor of the table by placing them behind a sign or card box, otherwise the end result will look out of place. Once the ceremony is over and you have arrived at the reception venue have your girls pop their bouquets directly into the vases. The bouquets will accent your favors or gifts and keep your theme continuous throughout the venue.

Taking one of a few of these ideas and utilizing them at your reception is an effortless and cost effective way to enhance the decor of your venue. Next week on the blog we will be sharing what to do with all your floral designs after the big day over.

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